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Woman in the Woods

Just for Women! Although women have always ventured into the outdoor world, it is only in recent times that the numbers have increased almost beyond count. Today’s women are beginning to seek enjoyment in the outdoors for themselves rather than just as a companion. This is the first attempt–by one of the ‘new’ outdoorswomen–to take the ‘dirt’ out of enjoying this leisure freedom and to deal straightforwardly with those special things women want to know.”

Chapters include: “Learning about Nature Right around Home,” “Minitrips,” “Guided Trips,” “Retaining Femininity,” “Outdoor Comfort,” “Camping Skills,” “Personal Cleanliness and Grooming,” “Feminine Hygiene,” “Keeping a Clean Camp,” “Outdoor Hobbies,” “Fishing,” and “Hunting.”


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Headache Free

Headache is one of the most painful and disabling of common medical disorders. It is also one of the most treatable. Major advances in headache management offer new hope and help for chronic headache sufferers. Written by a leading headache specialist and a psychologist specializing in pain management, this comprehensive guide provides you with the latest, most up-to-date information on living headache free.
— How to pinpoint the type of headache you get, what triggers attacks, and how to end the pain
— How to eliminate hidden headache inducers at home and in the workplace
— How to identify common food allergies that can cause headaches
— How diet and exercise can help prevent recurrent headaches
— Five easy desk-side exercises to prevent tension headaches at the office
— The latest medical breakthroughs and biofeedback techniques
— A complete guide to headache medications and alternative treatments
— Plus: how to treat headache in children, when to seek medical help, and much more!

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The Adherence Principle

There is a balance between the Healthy and the Unhealthy Selves. This is the disease threshold. Maladaptive coping skills are tip the balance towards becoming overwhelmed by stress, feeling distressed, and developing symptoms that may transform into disease. Identifying self-defeating coping patterns and replacing them with positive behaviours gives our Healthy Self a chance to come to the fore. We are then ready to take on the responsibility of regaining health by working in partnership with a clinician and following a medical management plan.

We have only one body and it deserves respect and care, nurturing and attention. The body is our conduit to life’s experiences.

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The Family Book of Camping Lists


Including sources of free camping information, consumer tips for getting the best equipment for your money, and ideas for making sure your vacation is fun and successful.

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Managing Migraine


Migraine is truly one of the frontiers of medicine. It is one of the few remaining diseases for which no test exists to confirm its existence. Yet it is a disease familiar to nearly everyone, whether they suffer with migraine or not. We hope the information in this book will replace many of the myths and misunderstandings that exist about migraine and remove many barriers to effective migraine care that exist today. We hope also that this book will truly be a resource used by you and your clinician to empower you as a manager of your own migraine. We provide a rich menu of resources for patients and physicians alike that we believe will make the office visit a more satisfying experience.

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Managing Migraine: Providers


This book is the companion to a book that we hope you will share with your patient: Managing Migraine: A Patient’s Guide to Successful Migraine Care. The books are designed to be used in concert and provide a template from which a therapeutic partnership can be established and a base from which the patient and clinician can effectively explore migraine. The four authors approach the subject of migraine from slightly different perspectives. Two authors are neurologists, one is a family doctor, and one a psychologist; all are practicing physicians.