Federal Medical Center

The only woman on the mental health unit, I was being tested. The Dog unit was solitary confinement for men who had killed an inmate or guard within the prison

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Our Secrets Haunt Us

We claimed to be supportive of each other, in truth, the sisterhood did not like to see one of us succeed and achieve beyond the other 6. Our secrets haunt us.

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Do What I Say Not As I do

One sister is a certified sex therapist even though she has abstained from sexual activity after her divorce 5 years ago. Do what I say, not what I do.

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Psych Sisters

The 7 of us are very different. We were brought together by a desire to achieve a doctorate in psychology but with deeply personal motivations that we did not know at the time.

The stand-alone start-up school of professional psychology was not affiliated to a university and threatened the local college that did not offer a doctorate in psychology. This devil-may-care attitude of the leaders of the institute attracted us. We too were attempting to achieve a major accomplishment later in life. A new beginning, a unique quest, a twist in existence that we had dreamed but seemed impossible.

To become accepted and enrolled in the inaugurating class, we had to prove ourselves. Out of an audience of over 100, only 7 of us enrolled, probably due to the expense of the school as well as the scores we achieved.

An elephant swims through the water.

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Psych Sisters dives deep into the mind of seven psychologists, who hold secrets of unstable situations, and who may not always by stable themselves.

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